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Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh not on trading block

ALLEN PARK — Despite reports to the contrary, Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said there are no plans to trade defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

“We’re not looking to trade him, we have no plans to trade him,’’ Mayhew said today at a pre-draft press conference.  “I haven’t had any conversations with anybody about trading him except in January I did get a call that had an interest. They offered me a box of old tube socks, I said, ‘No, thank you.’

“Other than that there’s been no conversation, there’s been no gauging, the interest level, there’s been none of that that’s been authorized by me,’’ Mayhew said. “So I don’t know where that came from, that’s not on the table.’’

Suh is signed through this season but is working on an extension with the Lions. 

Mayhew said talks are ongoing but he wouldn’t give specifics about how close or far off the deal may be.

“There’s a lot of scenarios you can create where it might make sense to try to do something with him,’’ Mayhew said. “You can think through all that stuff. The bottom line is winning football games and we’re here to win football games, that’s the guy who helps us do that. So I’m planing on Ndamukong being with us.’’

Much has been made about Suh's absence in the past few weeks at workouts and the voluntary minicamp especially because there's a new coaching staff. Mayhew said Suh is following the same routine he's followed for three years and it's all worked out come September.

"It doesn’t shock me that he’s not here,'' Mayhew said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they aren't at least shopping Suh around to the league to see what the Lions can get for him than Mayhew isn't doing his job! Suh has made it pretty clear that if he does stay in Detroit it's not to help win football games. If he was interested in staying to win, he would have restructured his deal or at least had an agent hired so the Lions could TRY to restructure his deal before the free agent market dried up. He has been a huge disapointment in my eyes as just another frustrated lions fan.... #TUFSS! TradeUpForSuperSammy!!!

2:16 PM 
Blogger Dlionsaddict said...

Its a process. If you piss in your pants, you can only stay warm for so long. Be patient. Suh is a chess piece. As all other players are. You build around greatness. Ziggy, Fairley, Suh, Taylor. Athletes with pure talent and potential. Im not worried. Just want that back end of the defense to be worked on as well as a linebacker with speed and strength.

3:25 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what this means...they're going to trade him and take Aaron Donald. Mark my words

10:43 PM 
Blogger Sergio Serros said...

They would be stupid to trade suh ..everyone's talking about why hasn't he shown up for otas but knowones saying the obvious...because they haven't finalized he contract ...there other QB s in nfc north piss there pants when the know suh is on the other side

12:16 PM 

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