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Five reasons the 2-week delay of the NFL draft is a bad idea

OK, the countdown continues with just nine days until the NFL draft. It was delayed two weeks this season because Radio City Music Hall was booked for a Rockettes Easter show that never happened. Of course there were hundreds of possible venues available elsewhere, but it didn’t matter. 

So we wait. And, in the meantime, we continue to ponder exactly what the Detroit Lions will do with the 10th overall pick. 

Here are five reasons it was a bad idea to delay the NFL draft by two weeks.

1. It gives teams two weeks less to work with the rookies. They’ll bring them in for rookie camps the weekend after the draft, then a few days later they’ll join the veterans for OTAs. (Remember, rookies can participate in this portion of the offseason without a contract.) Rookies need all the time to adjust to the NFL that they can get, this delay robs them of two weeks.

2. The NFL offseason had a certain flow having the draft at the end of April. It’s just been too drawn out discussing the draft with these extra weeks. I mean, what more can be said? Will the Lions trade up, trade down, stay where they are? Lions fans are blessed that the Lions aren’t looking for a starting quarterback. This way the whole Manziel-Bridgewater-Bortles debate is too much and we don’t have to join in that conversation. Talk about dragging on.

3. The NFL is a business, and an extremely successful one, but it doesn’t need the extra two weeks of draft talk. They won’t lose fans, but some fans will get tired of discussing the draft. Won’t they? We’ll see. Commissioner Roger Goodell has floated the possibility that this delay could become permanent.

4. One of my colleagues is amazed at how fans love to devour draft speculation. I’m amazed I can continue to write it.

5. The kids, think of the kids. The three days of the draft could change lives of the NFL prospects forever. I’m not talking just the elite players, but those through all seven rounds. They’ve got to be getting antsy. I know I am.

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Blogger Terry Welsh said...

I think not having the draft when it is normally scheduled is a pain in the butt, and I'm tired of the draft talk, so lets get this show on the road already.

9:06 AM 

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