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One thing you can count on with the Detroit Lions is that they are never, ever boring. Follow the latest news including injuries, roster moves and more here daily from Oakland Press beat writer Paula Pasche. Plus you'll find regular commentary about the team.


Check out transcript from live chat discussing Detroit Lions

If you missed Thursday's live chat on the Lions, take a look at this transcript that features good questions and possible scenarios about the draft. Next chat is at 3 p.m., Thursday, May 8 — just hours before the start of the NFL Draft. Finally.


Blogger Erich Williams said...

im not really an advocate of this but what do you think of a trade involving N.Suh? Such as Suh for either #2 or #3 and a third this year or next. Then the lions trade back with Atlanta for #6 and a 2nd they take clowney and we get either Mack or Watkins. Because i do see a run on the top 3 OT and a QB possibly then we trade back again from 10 to maybe 12,15, or 16 for the last of the 3 OTs(Lewan) adding another 2nd or 3rd and leaving us in position to draft say Gilbert, Dennard, Dix, or Donald at much better position while picking up extra 2nds and 3rds to help create depth and a few starters ???

3:40 PM 

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