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Detroit Lions prepare for Redskins, Robert Griffin III and his knee

ALLEN PARK — It’s not the knee.

Even though the Washington Redskins are off to a 0-2 start and Robert Griffin III doesn’t appear to be the same quarterback as he was last year before he tore his anterior cruciate ligament, Griffin and coach Mike Shanahan say it’s not the knee.

Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon said in a radio interview that Griffin is not as fast as last season.

“There is no knee issue,’’ Griffin said in a Wednesday conference call. “You know, I love my receivers. If he wants to race me we can race.”

The Detroit Lions (1-1) visit Washington, D.C., on Sunday where they have never won a game.

They are preparing for the mobile, speedy Griffin they saw in film from last season.

“They’re still running the same schemes,’’ Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. “You better be ready for it. We’ll be prepared for him carrying the ball and him handing it off or throwing it. That’s not different than any other week. We’re certainly going to prepare as if he’s going to carry the ball. 

“We know he’s a talented guy. He hasn’t had a lot of opportunities in the first couple of games, but I think some of that may also be to the fact that they were down so much in those games,’’ Schwartz added.

Griffin who had 120 carries for 815 yards last season has just nine carries in the first two games and six of those were on scrambles.

It’s not the knee.

Like Schwartz said, it’s been the game situations. The Redskins were down 24-0 at the half in Green Bay on Sunday, eventually losing 38-20. In Week One they fell behind 26-7 at the half at home against the Eagles and lost 33-27.

“Take a look at the first half at how many plays have been run, and the first game was a lack of turnovers. We had turnovers in the first half. And the second game, I think we were 0-7 on third downs, 0-6 I think in the first half,’’ Shanahan said. “So it’s hard to get many plays going when you don’t convert and you turn the football over. We did some good things in the second half, but it was more of a two-minute attack.”

Griffin is wearing a knee brace, but doesn’t use that for an excuse. In fact, he offers no excuses just a resolve to improve.

“No, it’s just that you have to deal with the situation as it is,’’ Griffin said about the brace. “As a team, right now we haven’t been playing very well. There are no words that we can say that will make us play better. It’s time to just go out there and play and make it happen. We just can’t keep talking about it and I think everyone understands that.”

Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh certainly respects Griffin and will be ready.

“He’s athletic. This is my, including college, third or fourth time playing against him,’’ Suh said. “Every time he has done something spectacular with his feet, let alone something with his arm. You have to respect him no matter what.’’

Griffin said the Redskins’ goal now is to win two straight so they’ll be 2-2 at their bye week.

It’s not the end of the world for the young quarterback. He seemed more cranked up, ready to prove the naysayers wrong.

Last season the Redskins started 1-2, went to 3-6 and then won seven straight to finish 10-6 and make the playoffs where they lost to Seattle 24-14 in a wild card game.

It’s not the knee and Griffin insists he’s not a different player.

“We are not winning games. That’s the most important thing,’’ Griffin said. “Whatever I have to do to help this team win games, that’s what I am willing to do. That’s all you can say. It’s been two games, there’s no conclusion that you can draw up for us from these two games. At least not any good ones that we want to continue trending.”

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