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Detroit Lions: Five things learned from Jim Schwartz on Monday

Five things learned from Lions’ coach Jim Schwartz press conference on Monday following the 25-21 loss at Arizona where the Lions haven’t won in 20 years.

1. Schwartz didn’t know the Lions had never won in Washington where they play this week until a question was asked Monday. It doesn’t matter to him. He wants a win just as much without that knowledge. “Every year is different, every gameis different, every set of players is different, the other team is different. You have to go out and work as hard as you can during the week, put a good game plan together and try to execute on Sunday,’’ Schwartz said. “Those are the things that are important. Whether you win or lose the game, it’s not what’s happened in years past or anything else.”

2. He’s happy that Tony Dungy, an analyst on Sunday Night Football, is a Lions’ fan. While Schwartz didn’t come right out and say it, he wasn’t too happy with Dungy’s comment Sunday night about the Lions — SOL, same old Lions, to be specific. “We know exactly where we need to improve and where we need to play better,’’ Schwartz said. “We’re 1-1 right now. We can’t underreact to a loss but we also can’t overreact to a loss. I think there is a tendency to do that in this league.’’

3. On Reggie Bush’s knee injury: “I didn’t necessarily classify it as short term. It’s just not long term. By default I guess that’s short term. I guess it could be medium term. It’s too hard to speculate on injuries. That’s why I usually don’t because I don’t like putting any kind of tag on things since you never know how people are going to react to anything.’’ Got that?

4. Rookie cornerback Darius Slay was benched for the second time in two games. Schwartz doesn’t like the word “bench” but it fits the situation. “(Slay) just lacks experience. He’s green in a lot cases, but he’s a very talented player. There is not a whole lot of learning curve. You have to be able to get it and get it quick,’’ Schwartz said. “When he’s been on, he’s been really good. There have been some times that he hasn’t been on that we have had to go to the bullpen.’’

5. Ndamukong Suh was ripped on the FOX pregame show for being too violent in practice which Schwartz denied unequivocally. On the field Suh had a great game. “Particularly against the inside run he was very hard to handle. If (Arizona QB Carson) Palmer hadn’t thrown as quick as he threw, Suh would have looked different as far as sacks and things like that,’’ Schwartz said. “Then again like I said you can’t really read the stat sheet and know how effective a particular player was.’’

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