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One thing you can count on with the Detroit Lions is that they are never, ever boring. Follow the latest news including injuries, roster moves and more here daily from Oakland Press beat writer Paula Pasche. Plus you'll find regular commentary about the team.


Replay of Lions live chat on Thursday

If you missed my live chat about the Lions on Thursday afternoon, here's a replay. The draft is just a week away so obviously that's the focus of our discussion. Check it out. Also, follow me on Twitter @PaulaPasche. Will chat again at 3 p.m. Thursday, April 25 just five hours before the start of the draft.


Blogger Mike dietz said...

Please,PLEase,,PLEASE!! do not write about about the Masters or the Michigan basketball game, or how your flight was or the Bruins or THAT MORON JOHN STEWERT ! on the Detroit Lions bleacher report!! I spend my time going to a LIONS site and most of your comments are anything but!! If u want to talk about BEANTOWN or JOHN FRICKEN STEWERT, PLEASE do not put it on bleacher report, Detroit lions, write a blog on Martha stewerts page

3:02 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

STFU Mike Dietz

3:02 PM 
Blogger Mike dietz said...

Mr. Anonymous. Why the intelligent post? Do you know the purpose of bleacher report, the Detroit lions? I wasn't attacking her or saying anything in an negative manner. As a matter of fact I LOVE her Lions chat and find her articles very stimulating !!

4:22 PM 

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