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NFC North: Thanks to officials, standings not what they should be

Lions fans know a bit about how Packers fans feel today after they were robbed of a win by the officials at Seattle on Monday night.

In the 2010 opener at Chicago, Calvin Johnson made a catch/non-catch in the end zone which would have given the Lions a win and a good start to the season. Of course, those were the real officials.

 With the replacement officials it was different. Even the NFL admitted in a statement on Tuesday that they missed the offensive pass interference by Golden Tate that would have ended the game.

 Since the Packers are a division opponent, do Lions fans have a little sympathy? They should. What they saw happen on Monday night could happen to the Lions on Sunday when they play the surprising 2-1 Vikings.

Just like no one predicted, the Vikings are atop the NFC North ratings, tied with the Chicago Bears at 2-1.

The Packers and Lions are at 1-2 with no help from the replacement officials.

The Lions got screwed out of 12 crucial yards in overtime on Sunday when the official marked the ball in the wrong spot after the Stephen Tulloch personal foul penalty. Coach Jim Schwartz said the alternate official was standing on their sideline and they told him the ball was not being spotted correctly. He said the official was adamant that the spot was correct. Replay shows the officials were wrong.

Would it have made a difference in the game? Possibly. The Lions down-played it on Monday because they feel they shouldn’t have been in that situation, but it mattered.

When I woke up today, I thought NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would find a way to get the regular officials back to work. His defiance is just hurting the league.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect, will you please finally stop with the whining about the Calvin Johnson thing in Chicago? That was 2 years ago. It's not like it was Pearl Harbor, 9/11, or the Holocaust. 2 years from now, nobody will care about the Green Bay Seattle thing either.

3:14 AM 

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