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Don't tug on Superman's cape

  In some games the NFL replacement refs are more noticeable for their incompetence than others.

 Players like Calvin Johnson have a bird’s-eye view.
 “There was definitely a hold on me on a third down, I think it was in the first half I beleive. It was in the middle of the field but they don’t see it,’’ Johnson said on Thursday.
 “I believe the game is moving real fast for a lot of (replacement officials). It’s kind of like coming from college to the League. Things are moving a lot faster. hopefully they catch on to the speed and get up to the speed of the game,’’ he added.
 The hold involved the defenseman pulling on Johnson’s jersey.
 “Exactly, that’s not hard to see,’’ Johnson said.
  While he’s on the field he’s not shy about mentioning infractions to these officials.
“You got to talk to them, if something is happening. Last game i went up and told them the guys are holding,’’ Johnson said. “We didn’t get a call, you just want to make them alert about it.’’
   He said usually he doesn’t talk to the regular officials.
  “When we had our regular guys, they’re good,’’ Johnson said. “I’m not discrediting these guys they’re doing the best they can.’’


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