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Three reported changes in the new NFL CBA

Three of the reported changes to come out of the new CBA which has not yet been adopted by the players. Once the players approve it, training camp for the Lions and other NFL teams could start next week.

1. Game day rosters will be extended by one to 46. The third quarterback will no longer be an emergency inactive player. He will be able to go in and out of the game as needed. You’ll remember that previously the first and second QBs could not re-enter the game if the third QB had played before the fourth quarter.

2. Two-a-day practices during training camp have been eliminated per Although a light walk-through will be allowed on the same day as a practice. Obviously during late July and August one session is grueling. Add another, sometimes there are health concerns about the heat and dehydration. (Not sure who would be happier about this rule — the players or the media.)

3. Teams will be allowed to practice in pads just one day a week during the regular season and during the last five weeks of the season can practice in pads just one day a week in only three of those weeks per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This protects the players, but is not a huge deal because most teams don’t have many padded practices late in the season.

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Blogger Roy J. Akers said...

The NFL Lockout had to be more about than the changes discussed. They could have solved that in one afternoon. It's about the money.

3:05 PM 

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