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Three reasons why Lions could fare well following lockout

Three reasons the Lions could fare better after the lockout than other teams.

1. Coach Jim Schwartz, along with the offensive and defensive coordinators, remain the same as the past two years. The rookies will have to learn the systems, but all players who were around last season know the schemes and can help the newcomers.

2. Schwartz and his staff know the players, at least the ones from the 2010 season. Unlike new coaching staffs who come in and have to figure out everyone (like Schwartz did in his first season), he knows what he’s got.

3. Momentum is an odd phenomena, but the Lions have it after finishing last season winning four straight games. They snapped that brutal road losing streak last season and are ready to go forth.

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Blogger Brad said...

Isn't that basically 2 reasons? And how many new regimes do the Lions face this year anyway?

11:29 PM 

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