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Would fewer kick returns be good for the NFL?

The NFL owners, who are meeting in New Orleans, are likely to vote Tuesday on what could result in a huge change to the rules.

In the interest of cutting back on injuries (at least that’s what they say), they are looking at moving kickoffs from the 30-yard line back to the 35 where they were in 1994. They were moved back to the 30 to add more excitement to the game in the form of kickoff returns. From the 35-yard line there were fewer returns.

So now the fewer returns, in their eyes, could mean fewer injuries. Where do you draw the line?

These same owners have also wanted to increase the season from 16 games to 18 games which would definitely cause more injuries. So it’s difficult to imagine injuries are forcing this move.

Coach Bill Belichick spoke out against the change on Monday. Reportedly other coaches agree with him.

Don't know what the Lions think. But you know they've got a good weapon in returner Stefan Logan.

What do you think? Let me know.

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