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NFL's Goodell can't sugar-coat the truth

If one thing is clear to fans during the NFL’s lockout of the players, it’s that they will be the ones who will eventually pay. Not figuratively, but literally.

The league already makes $9 billion a year in revenue and, obviously, that comes from the pockets of the fans.

In an online live chat on Friday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked how the lockout will impact fans. The question included the line “fans are and should be frustrated.’’

Goodell’s response was: “The fans should be frustrated and I share that frustration. We need an agreement that will ensure the future of the game. We are well aware of the rising prices for fans attending our games. We are trying to slow the growth of costs so we can be affordable to the broadest number of fans possible. We recognize what the fans are going through.’’

Actually if both sides were concerned about the fans, a deal would already be in place. It’s that simple.

And fans are right, eventually they will pay for this with higher prices for tickets and merchandise.

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