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Three possibilities today for NFL

It’s a huge day for the NFL and NFLPA with a 5 p.m. deadline today (Friday) to get a new collective bargaining agreement done.

Here are three possibilities:

1. A new agreement is reached by 5 p.m. Don’t hold your breath. This seems a remote possibility after all the sniping that went on between both sides last night on Twitter.

2. The owners and players union agree to another extension. If smart minds prevail, this will happen. The mediator needs to stand strong here. The owners can blame the players and vice-versa. However many fans will just see it as a greed issue and they don’t care who is right. They have little sympathy for two groups trying to split $9 billion in revenues. That’s $9 billion -- with a B. They want football.

3. The players union could decertify before 5 p.m. Then they would likely seek an injunction to prevent a lockout. Conflicting reports say getting an injunction could take from as little as a week to months.

Stay tuned.

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