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Report: Lions get their seventh-round pick back

After appealing the tampering charges filed by the Kansas City Chiefs in December, the Lions have now gotten back their seventh-round draft pick, according to a report by’s Mike Sando. That pick had been taken away prior to the appeal.

With the return of this seventh-round pick, the Lions will have six picks in the draft, April 28-30.

But, oddly enough, they will lose their seventh-round pick in the 2012 draft. They will still swap fifth-round picks with the Chiefs.

Were they guilty? Sounds like the answer was maybe just a little

The Lions have been mum on the charges and would not even confirm that they had appealed. That information was released inadvertently by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a few weeks ago.

No matter what the lockout situation is, the draft will go on. The Lions have the 13th overall pick to get things started.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They got their 7th round pick back? This is news? After all the botched 1st round picks, we're supposed to care about a 7? The Lions can't even count to 7. Especially when it comes to wins.

3:59 AM 

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