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One thing you can count on with the Detroit Lions is that they are never, ever boring. Follow the latest news including injuries, roster moves and more here daily from Oakland Press beat writer Paula Pasche. Plus you'll find regular commentary about the team.


Lions vs. Browns live blog


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm conflicted on who won this game based on the last post of this blog. What happened there???

5:16 PM 
Blogger Matthew B. Mowery said...

Understandable. In order to get to the locker room, seven floors below, to get interviews for my story, I had to cut off the live blog before the end of the game. Once it looked like the Browns had it in hand, I headed downstairs. Obviously, plenty happened in that time.

1:03 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Oh my god has this blog went down the toilet. This was the greatest Lions victory in nearly a decade and you guys don't even bother covering the end of the game. (Or even say the Lions happened to win ...)

Not only that but there's very few articles on this game afterward, yet 100s of waste of time articles about what players do in their spare time .....

7:26 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1 single article, just to state that Stafford was the youngest QB ever to throw for 5 TDs into the game. Then 1 article after he's named NFL player of the week to state that that happened.

The national press talked about this game a hell of a lot more than you guys did, and this was Lions fan only bright spot on the team in years ... sheesh ...

7:31 PM 

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