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A big step backward

The 27-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Saturday night was not a step in the right direction for the Lions. Imagine it was a long — and possibly very quiet — bus ride back to Allen Park afterward.

The Lions got beat soundly on offense, defense and special teams. Penalties were an issue for the second straight week. The offense couldn’t find a rhythm and the defense allowed the Browns to score on their first three possessions (one touchdown, two field goals). Throw in the punt return for a touchdown and Detroit was down 20-0 in the first quarter. That’s Detroit’s starting offense against the Browns’ starting defense. That’s a little scary. After all, these are the Browns.

Matthew Stafford started, but looked like a rookie against Cleveland’s No. 1 defense. He was 5 of 13 for 34 yards. His first pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. This week he could get nothing going to get past that. He threw a few high passes and had a few dropped by John Standeford. Veteran Daunte Culpepper looked more in control and Drew Stanton impressed in mop-up duty.

Jobs are on the line, but it seemed no one stepped up. Wide receiver Dane Looker, who signed on Monday, caught a few nice passes. Rookie linebacker Deandre Levy made a few noteworthy plays on special teams and defense.

The Lions’ starting offensive line did give Stafford and Culpepper some time, but neither was able to do much with it.

It’s just the second preseason game, but more was expected all the way around on this one. It will be interesting to see how coach Jim Schwartz and this squad handle the adversity that goes hand in hand with a loss such as this one.

There’s plenty of work to do before the Lions play Indianapolis on Saturday at Ford Field.



Blogger Bret said...

I feel much better after seeing that game. I've been holding off on the kool-aid and corn bread thank goodness. Nothing has changed, and nothing will as long as Ford owns this team. I just hope Schwartz will be able to salvage his career in 3 years.

I did like what potential I see in Stafford. I would like to see him behind a good O line with good receivers. I think he will be very good on his next team.

3:24 PM 
Anonymous Steve said...

Give me a break Bret. Just like you couldn't say after the Atlanta game that they are great, you can't say how they are going to be from this preseason game. It is preseason. Personally I was happy to see them lose one. Did they look bad, yes absolutely. But we ran vanilla defenses, and our top 3 WR and top TE were out for the offense. If they come out and play like this in NO then I see your point. I am just sick of the "they have always sucked so they will always suck" fans. Give me a break. The Red Wings sucked for decades as well, but they eventually got it right. Just like every team does.

11:25 AM 
Blogger Bret said...

Keep drinking the Kool-aid. While your at it, read some of the articles written by sports writers that have been following the lions for years. They saw the same team I did. It's not about the loss, it's about the play quality (or lack of it). I don't want to hear about vanilla play calling, that has nothing to do with bad technique and bad tackling. I don't plan to back off my stance this time. I'm tired of fans with the attitude of "wait til next year". I used to be that way until next year was last year and 0-16 was made infamous and equal to the Detroit Lions.

As far as the Atlanta game goes, I learned a long time ago that even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

2:47 PM 

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