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Say no to Michael Vick

According to reports in today's Oakland Press, Michael Vick might soon discover just who’s interested in giving him a second chance.

Two people familiar with the meeting confirmed Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, Vick, agent Joel Segal and two other members of the suspended quarterback’s team met Wednesday at a security firm in New Jersey. The two people requested anonymity because the league has not acknowledged the meeting.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello declined to confirm the meeting when contacted by The Associated Press on Thursday and insisted no decisions on Vick’s future have been made.

The question here is: Would you pay to see Michael Vick in a Detroit Lions' uniform?

Goodell suspended Vick indefinitely in August 2007 after the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback admitted bankrolling the “Bad Newz Kennels” dogfighting operation. Goodell has said Vick must show remorse and signs that he has changed before he would consider reinstating him.

Radio reports say Goodell is expected to announce Vick is free to sign and practice with any NFL team, but will serve a four-game suspension to start the season.

Keep in mind, Michael Vick has served his time, paid his debt to society and apologized repeatedly for his role in the dogfighting scheme.

At some point, a person must be given the right to earn a living. Football is Vick's profession. As long as Vick is a free man who has done everything the court system and the NFL have asked of him, Vick should have the right to shop his services around like anyone else.

True. Just not here, not now, not with the Detroit Lions.

Vick is a talented football player. No dout about that. He brings excitement to the game with both his passing and running skills. There's a team out there who could use a Michael Vick to get over the top.

Just not the Detroit Lions, who have many, many other holes to fix before worrying about who's taking the snaps from center.

Detroit enters training camp a week from today with Duante Culpepper and No. 1 draft pick Matthew Stafford expected to fight it out for the starting quarterback position.

Bringing in Vick is not the type of publicity an 0-16 team should be looking for. Vick brings baggage, a lot of baggage in the form of PETA protests and unpopular public opinion. Even Vick, with moves to elude most linebackers in the NFL, can't run and hide from that kind of heat.

The NFL is about winning and putting fans in the seats. No doubt, Michael Vick will sell a few tickets, but this is a quarterback who hasn't taken a snap in over two years. Winning is far from a sure thing with him.

It's going to be interesting to see how this drama plays out around the league in the coming week. Vick should be reinstated. The fun part will be seeing which teams are willing to take a risk and give him a chance to start anew.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they had not drafted Stafford, I would definitely sign him to an incentive laden contract for behavior and performance. With Stafford in the fold, they need to stay away.

8:34 PM 
Blogger gideon's sword said...

I agree that Michael Vick should be able to make a living. There is no right in the Constitution saying someone has a right to make a living. The have equality under the law.
Secondly, he can make a living. It might not just not be football or maybe not the NFL. Plenty of guys have gone to the CFL and then jumped back to the NFL. Flutie and Garcia come to mind. If football teams don't take him back, it is not their fault. Vick has paid his debt to society, not pro football.
He should have been taught or been aware that actions have consequence. You reap what you sow. People hate to hear this, but God is pretty clear in this regard. Even if someone isn't religious, they know this is true.

12:04 PM 
Blogger Michael Schottey said...

Just say Yes:

3:20 PM 
OpenID KHC9hVRh3tqFMGqm6fGTgQTggK.zcXU- said...

I've been a Lions fan for over 40 years of disappointment. If the Lions brought in Vick, I would find a new team to root for. Enough is enough in Detroit. they're starting to make some good decisions this year, don't screw it up by bringing in the dog killer.

11:50 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that had a good point, Vick is likely to go to a good team, well established, and the authority of its team to keep the 3 ring circis it will obviously entail to a minimum.

Obviously, there must be a set-in-stone qb - could you imagine Vick in Minnesota if Farve didn't sign (heck, even if he did?)

12:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I truly believe that Mike Vick gives the Lions the best shot to win in 2009. If we get him signed in time for training camp he will have that + the pre season + the four weeks he is suspended to learn the offense and the playbook and to get back in the football "groove". He is a former pro bowler that gave opposing defenses nightmares. He has paid his debt to society. Also for those of u who think he sat in prison and did nothing for 2 years, think again. He lifted his ass off, he actually even played football in a prison league. This guy is at least worth a look.

4:14 PM 

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