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Would you pay to see this, if reduced?

The excitement of a new season this year must be tempered with the losing streak that is continuing from late in 2007. Throw in the seeming collapse of the state's economy and automotive industry, and it's a tough time to sell one of the most expensive tickets in town.

For Oakland County residents, there's the cost of the ticket, the cost of the trip and parking in Detroit and then the cost of shirts or hats along with some food and/or beer.

Though an event, I imagine many people are not going to sacrifice as much as they would have to see their beloved Detroit Lions.

But my cousin said that he's keeping his season tickets and seems happy with minor concessions — maybe about a $100 off the total price — offered by the team. What are your thoughts?

Is now the time to buy season tickets, maybe getting better seats for the anticipated return to winning (and I'm thinking 4-12, here, with maybe one good upset along the way, but who knows, they may hit 8-8 one day)?

Or is now definitely the time to let the Lions go and focus on the outdoor autumn work and indoor projects?

I generally about now starting thinking about what game to go during the season and get going on the arrangements of tickets and scheduling it. Now, I don't know. I last went on Thanksgiving and it was a depressing blow out, though reduced prices at the concession stands helped with some Christmas shopping for my daughters. If I don't go and the Lions are regularly blacked out from TV, it might be easier to break the habit.

What are your thoughts on visiting Ford Field as the season approaches?


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