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McShay: Lions have honed in on Stafford

In a teleconference Tuesday, ESPN's Todd McShay joined the host of analysts predicting the Lions will draft Georgia quarterback Matt Stafford No. 1 overall.

“I'll be surprised if Detroit goes in any other direction besides Stafford,” McShay said. “I think they've honed in on him.”

Of the Lions' negotiations with the agents for Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry and Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith, McShay said, “I just think that they're convinced they have to get a deal done first (with Stafford) and I believe that they will before the draft.”

Beyond that, McShay said he expects the Lions to take an offensive tackle somewhere in their next two picks. The Lions have a second first-rounder at No. 20, acquired in last year's Roy Williams trade, and the first pick of the second round (No. 33). Depending how the draft falls, they might look to trade down a few spots from 20 and acquire extra mid-round picks because they don't have fourth- or fifth-rounders.

“If it's Stafford at 1 then they obviously still need an offensive tackle and I think if Michael Oher from Ole Miss were available at that spot at No. 20 then they would take him and be happy,” McShay said. “I'm not so sure that he's going to be there. Then they'd have to make a decision if they reach for a guy like Arizona's Eben Britton.

"They have other needs though. Rey Maualuga from USC, the inside linebacker, would fit a need and if they take him there maybe they address the offensive tackle spot with Phil Loadholt at 33. Or if they get Michael Oher at 20, then I think they can go after a guy like James Laurinaitis the inside linebacker from Ohio State at 33. So I would say quarterback, offensive tackle and linebacker, three of the top needs.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of these "non" Detroit Lions reporters, just don't seem to be aware that the Lions have one of the worst defenses in the history of the NFL.

IF they take Stafford 1st as I agree they will, don't you think they are likely to go LB and DT with the 20th and 33rd picks?

AND if they wanted to go offensive line with one of those picks, don't you think it would be a G/C rather than a T?

Sorry, but after the big 4 for OT's, they are more like RT's and the Lions got that last year.

12:09 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I don't want Stafford, because of the other picks that we will probably use on offense. Four out of the first five picks need to be for the D. If a fan can figure this out, why cant the Lions brass?

12:41 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish the Lions would take Curry but I am beginning to realize that they are infatuated with drafting a "Quarterback of the Future."
I dont have a problem with the "QBOF" pick, but let it be Sanchez, Stafford has bust written all over him.
Last Year Stafford completed 61.4% of his passes while Sanchez completed 65.8% in his first year as a starter.

12:45 PM 
Anonymous Steve said...

1a. Curry-ILB
1b. Jerry-DT
2. Max Unger C/OG
3. Alex Magee-DT/DE
3b. Rhet Bomar-QB

I would love this draft, but it will probably look more like this
1a. Stafford
1b. Oher
2. Laurinitus
3. Sen'Derrick Marks-DT
3b. James Casey-TE

It will be a sad sad year...AGAIN. This group of Lions execs are going to say one thing and do a completely different thing. Build through the line...yeah right, after we take a QB. After this weekend, will it be too early to start the fire Mayhew chants?

12:51 PM 
Blogger Jesse said...


12:56 PM 
Blogger Egret said...

As much as I would love to see Curry in the Honolulu Blue and Silver, the first pick commands too much money to spend on a linebacker. The pick should be one of the OTs or a QB.

Why is Stafford getting so much more love than Sanchez? What separates them that much that there isn't talk of him going number one?

1:52 PM 

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