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Loper's a Lion

Offensive lineman Daniel Loper has agreed to a one-year contract with the Lions, the Tennessean is reporting. The 6-foot-6, 320-pound Loper has never started a game in his four-year NFL career, but should compete for the Lions' left-guard position with Damion Cook.

Loper, who visited the Lions on Wednesday, agreed to a one-year deal according to the paper. He spent the last four seasons in Tennessee, where new coach Jim Schwartz was defensive coordinator.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's what stanton has to say about corey on his blog:

4:03 PM 
Anonymous Myth said...

Do you think this means they won't go OT in the first round? And what do you think are the plans for Backus? Would/could Backus compete inside with Loper and Peterman at LG and RG respectively?

4:30 PM 
Anonymous freebird22 said...

It's pretty rare for someone to leave without a contract, then sign with the Lions. There must have been good chemistry there.

The Lions have an opportunity to start a LG, so he could break into the starting lineup and have the opportunity to prove himself.

5:19 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to the Tennessean, Loper started a playoff game against San Diego in 2007 at RG.

6:46 PM 
Anonymous Steve said...

I think he will be a starter. They wanted to get bigger up front and it doesn't get much bigger than him. Mayhew is probably counting on Loper making Backus a better player at the tackle spot. I wouldn't be surprised to see them switch positions half way through the season though. Dave, this has nothing to do with this article, but I haven't been able to find a real answer for this. Does Tom Lewand have football decision making power? Is his input going to be taken for draft picks and FA? Just curious.

8:46 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thought mayhew made it clear that he would make the decisions.

10:08 PM 
Anonymous GVWLION said...

As of today what do you think are the 5 top needs going into the draft ? Not in any order, but I look for 2 LBs, OT, DT, CB (who is KR) a developmental QB.

9:34 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree for the most part. I still think Guard is a big need as well.

9:55 AM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

I stand corrected on Loper not starting. I was just going off the stats, which are regular season only.

As for what the signing means, I still think Stafford and Curry are the most likely picks, but adding Loper (and re-signing Cook) doesn't preclude the Lions from drafting tackle. Loper got a one-year deal. Backus doesn't have many years left at left tackle. The Lions are building long term and if they think Monroe is a 12-year fixture at left tackle then they take him and maybe move Backus inside and use Loper as a universal backup. There's lots of options still. All should start to shake out once this second wave of free agency ends and draft prep gears up.

Lastly about Lewand, I think Mayhew has been painted by some as a puppet for Lewand. That's incorrect. The lack of housecleaning upstairs last year definitely helped Lewand consolidate his power atop the organization, but Mayhew strikes me as the type of leader who will listen to and value everyone's opinion (including Lewand's) but when it comes time to make a decision he'll have the only vote that counts. The power structure isn't an issue now, and the only way it becomes one is if the Lions keep losing. That said, I did find it kind of odd that Lewand watched some of the quarterback workouts during the combine and appeared to be charting 40 times (the receivers were running at that time as well) with other members of the front office. As team president, you expect him to be in Indy, but dining with agents, not evaluating the skillsets of prospects.

11:24 AM 
Blogger Bret said...

Dave - My take on the power structure (this is based on only what quotes I've read and what I know of human nature) is that Lewand is the cap and contract guru. Mayhew is the personnel and football guy. Mayhew is also the "decider", publicly. That said, I think the fate of the two men is directly linked together. I also believe that Lewand has been encouraged to take more interest in understanding other parts of the business. He has had a tendency to distance himself from perceived problems in the organization in the past. I think this is an atempt to keep him honest.

I also find that Lewand has a way with the media. He does know how to talk to people without really saying too much. Mayhew does not seem quite at ease with public speaking. He strikes me as the kind of person that says what's on his mind. That is not always a good trait when dealing with the media.

At the end of the day Mayhew is the man with the juice, but right or wrong Lewand's fate hinges on those decisions too.

In my opinion, they are attempting to do things right and with purpose. Time will tell. It is the Lions after all.

1:56 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lions ought to snatch up Clifton Dawson (RB) for the Indianapolis Colts who was resently cut. He's got decent size and low mileage. Pull ole' Schwartzies coat tail and oh, by the way DRAFT CURRY! We need a healthy dose of Defense to be respectable! We already have to deal with the stigma of going winless this year.

4:04 PM 

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