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Lions re-sign Cook

After failing to sign free-agent offensive linemen Derrick Dockery and Daniel Loper, the Lions turned to one of their own Thursday, re-signing guard Damion Cook.

Cook played in seven games and made four starts at left guard last year. The Lions will continue searching for competition at that position and could add a player in the draft, but Cook is at least a stop-gap measure who can play multiple positions.

Edwin Mulitalo, who shared the starting duties with Cook last year, was released last month.

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Anonymous freebird22 said...

Well, he's what they were looking for --a backup.

On an unrelated note, Dave, do you know of any reason why Stanley Wilson is listed on the Lions roster, rather than as an unrestricted FA? Did he lose a year of service by being on IR all offseason or did the Lions re-sign him without anyone knowing?

6:00 PM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

I assume that's just a clerical error. Wilson was listed on the official NFL transactions as becoming a free agent and he doesn't show up in the NFL salary database. I don't think he fits into the Lions plans at all in 2009.

8:54 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave.

Why have the Lions yet to join the Anti- TO list that half the league is on now?

They don't have interest in him.... do they?

9:05 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^that's what i've been silently wondering about too.^

don't know how i'd feel if TO were to come to detroit....

9:37 PM 
Anonymous milkdud said...

I hope Andre Smith falls to the Lions at 20. Put him at lg thus reducing the lt pressure in the first year. I dont think he is mature enough to handle lt.

9:54 PM 
Blogger Bret said...

Just say NO to TO! Too much drama, not enough production.

Dave- Any more talk of Shaun Rogers return?

10:37 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, does this mean Loper is officially out of the mix? He hasn't signed anywhere else as far as I know...

11:43 PM 
Anonymous freebird22 said...

Andre Smith is worth the gamble at No. 20 because he's not getting the huge guaranteed $$ at that point.

5:43 AM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

Loper isn't out of the mix. Cook signed a one-year deal so it's not like the Lions are married to him. Loper is supposed to visit Atlanta, I believe. If his asking price comes down the Lions might be interested.

As for Andre Smith, I posed that question during the combine, if he slid to 20, would you take him? I said then and still say now yes. He's the most talented tackle in the draft, albeit with several issues. That said, I don't think he slides to 20. He'll have a good pro day, his agent will do some damage control and he'll be the third tackle taken.

Finally on TO, it ain't happening in Detroit. I don't think Shaun Rogers is, either. I haven't heard his name from anyone in the organization. I think that was pure radio speculation.

9:47 AM 

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