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Lions re-sign Cason, add another ex-Titan

The Lions re-signed running back/kick returner Aveion Cason to a one-year deal Monday and added their third former ex-Titan of the offseason in linebacker Cody Spencer.

Spencer, who played under new Lions coach Jim Schwartz in Tennessee from 2004-05, also signed a one-year deal. He spent the last three seasons with the New York Jets and has never started an NFL game.

Also this offseason, the Lions have signed ex-Titans offensive lineman Daniel Loper and cornerback Eric King.

It's unclear what re-signing Cason means for the Lions' pursuit of another former Tennessee reserve, cornerback/return man Chris Carr. Carr visited the Lions last week and also has seen interest from the Browns, Steelers and Patriots. Schwartz said earlier this offseason he wants to upgrade the Lions' return game.

The Lions also hosted Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith on Monday, according to the team web site. Smith is one of four or five candidates to be the first pick of April's draft along with Virginia tackle Eugene Monroe, Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry, and quarterbacks Matt Stafford (Georgia) and Mark Sanchez (USC).

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Anonymous Steve said...

Cody Spencer is not the FA LB that I was hoping for but atleast they are getting some depth. He played MLB in college and put up great numbers; but then again wasn't Jordan Dizon the leading tackler in the Big 12 his sr season. I was really hoping for a good veteran LB, we will have to see. As for Cason, I was hoping we were done with him and Calhoun.

6:13 PM 
Blogger Bret said...

I think Dizon might be able to contribute on special teams and Cason is an insurance policy, albiet a poor one, for the return game. Spencer more than likely was brought to replace Paris Lenon for depth.

I wouldn't be surprised to see one of the 3rd round picks used on a corner/return guy.

What do you guys think of some of last years draft class being converted for use in the 3-4 defense. Some of the lineman that were taken seem too small for the new 4-3 defense, but maybe okay for DE/OLB in a 3-4 D. I know they might not be good enough to play on good teams, but the Lions are not a good team. Thoughts?

7:04 PM 
Anonymous Steve said...

If they don't move to a 3-4 (which seems unlikely), I don't see a lot of these recent picks being on this team next year. Some may be ST contributers but overall I think alot will be cut come regular season.

Oh and Dave, is Michigan a lock for the tourney now?

7:18 PM 
Blogger TimT said...

I believe that's the 4th ex-Titan we've added.

Sean Conover is listed under "Transactions" for the Detroit Lions as WR. According to, he's actually a DE that played for the Titans. He was also recently on the Jets roster.

8:00 PM 
Blogger Bret said...

I just hope the Lions don't have the issues with ex-titans as with ex-bucs. I'm so tired of all the retreads over the last number of years. If this "new" team's on-field product resembles the product we've come to view as typical, we'll have the proof that Millen wasn't the sole problem.

8:59 PM 
Anonymous Steve said...

Bret don't discount how much coaching really had to do with 0-16. An O-Line coach for an OC, a LB coach for our DC and a D-Line coach for our HC. We had such inexperienced coaches all around, even if they did have a ton of availabiltiy they needed someone with experience around. Schwartz has surrounded himself with coordinators who know what they are doing, and have head coaching experience. I think we are in a completely different situation than when we brought in all those Bucs.

9:19 AM 
Anonymous freebird22 said...

From what I've read, the reason Cason continues to stick around is because he's a great teammate and a positive influence in the lockerroom. From a talent perspective, the problem is that he lacks vision as both a RB and KR and doesn't play anywhere near his timed straight line speed.

9:37 AM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

Tim, I don't see the Conover transaction. Shoot me a link. As for Spencer and Cason, ideally neither will figure much into the plans next year. Spencer is linebacker depth, he knows the system and coaches and can contribute on special teams if he makes the team. The Lions still want to upgrade their return game and may do so in the draft. He's another special-teams contributor and backup, but after Schwartz spoke so highly of the importance of the return game I'd be disappointed if he went with Cason.

We've talked about this before, but the 3-4 is in vogue now and so many draft-eligible players seem to fit that OLB mold. The Lions are going 4-3 (though some hybrid schemes may mix in), which is good. Zig when they zag. With so many teams focused on getting that 3-4 OLB, the Lions should theoretically have less competition for the 4-3 defensive ends and DTs.

And Steve, yeah, I think Michigan is going dancing this year. Probably don't want to lose to Iowa just to be sure in case there's other upsets in conference tourneys, but .500 in the Big Ten with wins over Duke and UCLA is better than most other bubble teams.

9:51 AM 
Blogger TimT said...
Feb 28 "claimed off waivers from Jets". Again, they're calling him a WR.

NFL shows him as a DE and a member of the Lions.

11:56 AM 

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