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Quarterback workout impressions

Just got done watching all the quarterback workouts here in Indianapolis. Georgia's Matt Stafford, as expected, did not take part.

USC's Mark Sanchez was good but not dazzling. He has good footwork and every ball he threw but one was catchable, but he does not have Stafford's arm. He was very good on the short and intermediate routes, precise and with a tight ball, but receivers generally had to hesitate a step on the deep balls he threw (both streaks and post-corners).

Based off this workout alone, and in my untrained opinion, he is not worthy of the first pick of the draft. Most of the Lions' decision-makers sat on the top row of the lower bowl, just to the right of where a pack of media was perched, watching Sanchez's workout. General manager Martin Mayhew and coach Jim Schwartz were among those watching intently.

Team president Tom Lewand watched the first set of quarterbacks throw (including Kansas State's Josh Freeman) and the start of the second group, but was not around for the quarterback-receiver route combinations.

Freeman is raw, but he's big and there's no doubt he has an NFL arm. It will be interesting to see how the Lions compare him and the more polished Sanchez, especially if both are around at pick No. 20.

I thought Purdue's Curtis Painter looked decent and might have potential as a mid- to late-round pick, and based off this workout West Virginia's Pat White looks like he could play quarterback. Maybe not as a starter that you expect to win playoff games, but a developmental backup who would give defenses fits with his athleticism and is better than I thought throwing.

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Anonymous witless chum said...

Anything on us Spartan fans' guy Hoyer?

1:28 AM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

I actually had to watch Hoyer for the pool report. The way it works, a handful of reporters get to go in and each keeps an eye on a quarterback or receiver to write a pool report for the rest of the media. I don't have a copy of what I filed, but here's a brief recap:

Hoyer threw crisp, sharp passes and showed a good arm in the first set of drills with stationary targets. The drill ended with a bootleg to the left and it was Hoyer's best pass of the day, a 20-yard spiral right in the target's catching pocket.

He was little more inconsistent in the receiver-quarterback route combinations. He showed good arm strength and threw tight spirals, but skipped one pass to Mississippi receiver Mike Wallace on the 17-yard posts. On the 12-yard outs to the left, his first two passes were catchable but slightly behind his receiver and his second two were a tad on the high side. On the deep balls down the numbers, Hoyer showed good arm strength and kept the ball on a line. His best pass was a 10-yard out to the right that hit Arizona's Mike Thomas on his outside shoulder and left him enough room to turn up the field and run.

11:51 AM 

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