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Would you take Andre Smith at 20?

Yesterday I threw a scenario out asking if Michael Crabtree fell to the 20th pick, would you take him? Now that Crabtree has decided to postpone surgery until after his pro day so he can run and test for scouts, I doubt that decision will have to be made.

Another one to consider – another longshot maybe, but indulge me anyway in this game of 'what if?' – is Alabama tackle Andre Smith dropping to 20. Smith has cost himself considerable money this week by showing up out of shape and leaving early and without notice (though one person I talked to yesterday said it wasn't that big a deal, that Smith was going to the third offensive tackle when things shook out anyway).

There's no way the Lions can consider him at No. 1, but he's a legitimate top-tier talent. What if he falls to No. 20? Would you take him there?

Assuming the Lions don't go tackle at the top of the draft – Baylor's Jason Smith and Virginia's Eugene Monroe are both candidates – I might take the gamble. Maybe it's foolish to think Andre Smith will ever love football enough to be great, and I know visions of Stockar McDougle are ingrained in Lions' fans heads. But you need talent to win in the NFL and he's one of the best, well worth a mid- to late-first-round gamble.

Again, I wouldn't select him over a middle linebacker like Rey Maualuga, but he'd be on my short list if he slides.


Blogger trashcanhands said...

I wouldn't touch him. He is Shaun Rogers made over. He's going to be fat, lazy and worried about money for the rest of his career.

10:29 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the obession with Rey? From all accounts he's only a 2 down LB.

Those guys typically don't go in the 1st.

11:44 AM 
Blogger Rick said...

"I might take the gamble", A team that already has talent can afford to gamble on guys like this. The Lions cannot afford to gamble with this draft. We need to be very confident with every pick, a very good reason why we also don't go quarterback with the 1st pick.

12:32 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've been asking myself that question ever since he basically told everyone he wasn't in shape enough to do the combine drills.

if sanchez, freeman, james l, or b cushing are gone, i would strongly consider taking his fat, unmotivated, lazy ass....then again, maybe not.

1:10 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


is it true the OP filed for bankruptcy this morning? what does that mean for you now?

1:30 PM 

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