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Blogging the combine: Josh Freeman

Just arrived in gray Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine, where I'll spend the weekend blogging about all things Lions and all things draft.

First story of my trip: I get off the plane, grab my checked bag and am waiting for a cab, talking with a Lions assistant who was on my flight when my cell phone rings with a number I don't recognize. I answer and it's Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman's father returning a call from earlier this week.

I excuse myself from talking with the Lions assistant, apologize to Ron Freeman and he cuts me off with a hearty, "Tell him to take that quarterback Freeman No. 1" (or some light-hearted joke to that effect).

When all is said and done here in Indy, Freeman will probably establish himself as a solid first-round pick. He's got tremendous upside with a big frame and big arm, his father said he'll take part in all the workouts (unlike Matt Stafford), and he'll no doubt tempt some quarterback-starved team in the bottom half of the first round.

I believe the Lions will take a quarterback sometime during the draft - just a hunch; the team is still evaluating every position - and Freeman might interest them at No. 20 if they pass on Stafford and Mark Sanchez at the top of the first round.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

What are your thoughts of the Lions signing the first pick before the draft and a player (or his agent) driving his price up so high so the Leos won't sign him for the fact they don't want to play in the D....or are they just looking to be the first overall pick and "make the team better"...?

Michael the Bull

5:12 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


dave, i'd have no problem grabbing freeman if he falls to #20 and we pass on stafford.

thanks for being so prompt and consistent with your updates. much appreciated.

5:28 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Freeman at No. 20 far more than either Sanchez or Stafford at No. 1, particularly if the Lions have Culpepper be the starter for a year with Freeman learning and taking over in year 2.

I think Freeman is underrated a bit. Because of the conference he played in, Freeman was overshadowed by the stats of the spread offense QBs.

5:57 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous #1....i was just wondering if dave thought that a top pick would ask way to much to sign with detroit because they don't want to be there....and then be passed over for someone who would sign and didn't care where they were...

make sense?

8:35 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^highly doubt it.^

teams talk and i guarantee you that person's stock would go way down if he tried to pull a stunt like that.

8:48 PM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

Michael, Tom Kowalski's laid out the possibility of the Lions negotiating with several top prospects and drafting whoever signs. That's a definite possibility. Economic issues are real and beyond that the Lions won't want to risk the cornerstone of their rebuilding project missing training camp in a contractual squabble.

As for, say, Matt Stafford asking so much that the Lions are forced to pass on him, I hadn't thought of that but I wouldn't totally rule it out, either. Eli Manning and John Elway come to mind as two quarterbacks who engineered their way out of perceived bad situations. That said, if the Lions lock in one must-have prospect at No. 1, I don't think finances would cause them not to draft him. I just don't know that player exists in this draft.

9:24 AM 

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