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Marinelli still steamed

I don't like writing about colleagues or instances like this, but I'm compelled to today since the Rob Parker-Rod Marinelli postgame press conference fiasco has gone national.

If you missed it, Parker peppered Marinelli with questions about why defensive coordinator Joe Barry, Marinelli's son-in-law, is still employed after Sunday's 42-7 loss to the Saints. It's a line of questioning the Detroit News columnist has pursued several times this year, but Sunday was different when, a few minutes after the initial back-and-forth, Parker asked, “On a light note, seriously, do you wish your daughter would have married a better defensive coordinator?”

Marinelli didn't respond to the question at the time, but he didn't hide his contempt for it Monday.

“I just think anytime you attack my daughter I got a problem with that, in a room of stink, and that's a man and it was premeditated,” he said. “I think there's something wrong with that, yeah.”

Parker, who I consider a friend, explained his question in a column that appeared in Monday's News, saying he “attempted to lighten the moment in a tense situation” and his shot at humor “failed.” He apologized if his question “seemed slighted, cruel and even insensitive.”

Marinelli said didn't read the column and doesn't care to talk about it with Parker.

“I was just told a little bit about it and don't accept anything,” he said. “I had an assistant coach one time say, made a remark with you guys, he was embarrassed, he didn't want to embarrass a player. Could he take that remark back? Would you guys let him? No. You went from our practice field and ran to our locker room, put a microphone in front of the player, right? And he didn't mean it that way.

“To me, this is worse. Because it was intent to maybe stir me up, which is never going to happen. I can shoulder anything you bring. Easy. I can shoulder anything you bring.”

Marinelli was, of course, referring to comments offensive coordinator Jim Colletto made in October that he wasn't “going to embarrass” backup quarterback Drew Stanton by playing him before he was ready.

The situations are different. A day later, Colletto used the “E” word again about Stanton. But his point remains – you can't take back what's already been said or done. That, my friends, is a fact of life.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

rob parker and drew sharp are nothing but trash that represent the idiocy of the detroit media. there are certain lines you just don't cross and family is right up there at the top. i sincerely hope rob either gets fired or seriously demoted. although i'm disgusted with rod and the job he's done here, i applaud him for not launching himself off the stage and choking out parker right on the spot. stupid jackass deserves to either be demoted or fired, period.

6:24 PM 
Blogger Ben said...

I can understand you not wanting to go out and publish your displeasure in what Rob Parker said because he's your friend. But, shouldn't there be some reprecussions within the journalism community for what Parker did? It not only makes the profession look bad, but hurts the efforts you make on a weekly basis to gather information from the voice of the team. I was bothered by it because it's an attempt to "pile on" -- and the Lions get enough of that from the national media and other fan bases, there is no need to get it from within the community as well.

And I believe Rod was right to not accept the apolgoy, however empty a gesture that may be. One comment from Rod, Jon Kitna, Roy Williams, or some other player in the NFL gets taken, published, and scrutinized all the time by the media. Why can't the same be done when a reporter says something wrong? I don't believe the media is bad -- or out for unjust reasons, but questions like this don't help the typical view of the media, and reporters specifically.

All that said, I think you do a good job, and I enjoy your constant updates on Lions football. Thank you.

10:54 AM 
Blogger Dave Birkett said...

Thanks for writing, guys. I'm not privy to exactly what the Detroit News will do with Rob, but it sounds like some punishment will be handed out. At the very least, he will not be in Green Bay for this weekend's game.

And I agree, all the play Parker's question has gotten over the last two days gives our profession a bad name. It's a shame, because Rob is a good guy and most of the people who do this for a living aren't malicious in any way.

12:26 PM 

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