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Lions want Culpepper

Not only is Daunte Culpepper visiting the Lions for a workout today, the Lions would like to sign the free-agent quarterback ASAP.

Teams bring players in for workouts every week. Some they have legitimate interest in, some they just want to check the tires on. I've been told Culpepper, who's been out of football all year, is a case of the former.

I don't know how close the Lions and Culpepper are to a contract, but reports Monday that either he or the Chiefs canceled a pending workout in Kansas City -- he told that he was in negotiations with a team that was a "better fit" for him -- would indicate a signing could be imminent.

The bigger question is why the Lions, at 0-7, would want to sign a veteran quarterback rather than continue playing youngsters Dan Orlovsky and (eventually) Drew Stanton. There's next to no chance the Lions make the playoffs this year, and it would seem to be in the best interest of the organization to see what exactly it has in Orlovsky, a free-agent-to-be, and Stanton, last year's second-round pick, heading into this important offseason.

I don't have the answers to that, but it appears as if the Lions -- as Rod Marinelli has said all along -- are playing for now and believe Culpepper's big arm and veteran poise gives them the best chance to win.

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Anonymous Justin said...

Did they really fire Millen? This sounds like something he would do. Why waste Daunte and the fans' time? See what we have in Drew and Dan to see if we need to waste another 1st rd pick on a bust QB. Dumb.

12:07 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wtf are they smoking over there in allen park?!? if they sign culpepper, i'm officially done with the lions until fudd and his entire staff are canned and the lions pull their heads outta their collective asses.

2:45 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont know...I think Culpepper could give the Lions a proven quarterback. I know they have Orlavsky and Stanton, but I'm still not sold on either. With Culpepper signed, they could go into next year's draft and not have to worry about a Q.B.

3:22 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

culpepper is a bonified badass minus miami, and oakland

3:49 PM 
Anonymous rewertsspartan said...

you are not sold on Stanton? Really? Could that be because he has never played in a regular season game? How about you give the kid a chance before throwing him out the window.

I swear most fans could do a better job than Millen and the Fords have done the last 8 years, but then a fan like this comes along and makes it painfully obvious that they could not do a better job at all.

7:43 PM 
Anonymous rewertsspartan said...

Anonymous said...
"culpepper is a bonified badass minus miami, and oakland" 3:49 PM

Oh, you mean while he was still young and mobile and had Randy Moss playing at a high level.

Will the fans get off the Culpepper bandwagon already?

He went way down hill while in Minny. In Oakland and Miami he was old and had no talent around him. This led to him being one of the worst starters in the league. Why in the world would anyone think the lions situation would be any different than Oakland and Miami?

Any personnel member of the lions, and any fan of the lions, that actually think signing Culpepper would be the right move is a complete dumbass.

7:46 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dunno I think that Colt Mccoy is the best QB in college. He has mobility and is very accurate. I would personally wait until next year to draft him because from what I heard hes staying another year in school. SO have Daunte for now and just wait for Mccoy

9:27 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simply put, I'd rather see Stanton, who has the physical tools to play in this supposed to be roll out offense, than a guy who wasn't in an NFL training camp this past off season.

4:57 AM 
Anonymous bikedude said...

rew-spartan has a good point. I watched Culpepper closely while in Minnesota. When he had Cris Carter and Randy Moss in his lineup, he could put up impressive passing numbers. But in clutch games, in pressure situations, Culpepper folded. He either threw an INT, fumbled or overthrew the ball. One only has to look at the 2000 NFC Championship vs. the NY Football Giants to see my point. A total collapse of effort and will. The Vikes dumped Culpepper reluctantly. He had injured his knee very badly. New coach Brad Childress visited Culpepper in Florida. He wanted Culpepper to come back to Minnesota and rehab his injury using state of the art machines and doctors. Childress found Culpepper working out at a strip mall health care shop. He was running windsprints in the back parking lot! He refused to comply with any of the teams' requests. Childress saw another TO on his hands and dumped him quickly. He also discovered that Culpepper had not been entirely truthful about the extent of his injury. The Miami Dolpins discovered that to their shock, after they signed him. Guess what happened? He could hardly play. After being shipped to Oakland, he had one good game. He still refuses employ an agent or attorney, which complicates negotiations. He blames everyone else for his problems and is as uncooperative as a player. Desperate teams take desperate actions.

10:16 AM 
Anonymous bobbylongdong said...

yea, id love to see Stanton to see if he's any good but its not in rod's plan so until rod is gone don't bet on it.

10:59 AM 
Blogger treborobot said...

It's bona fide, not bonified 3:22

But yes, you're right. Culpepper is an enormous upgrade over any and everyone on their entire roster.

4:39 PM 

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