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Losing 'a disease'; Dan's the man at QB

Like a lot of media members, I'm just about out of questions for Rod Marinelli at his Monday press conferences. The Lions shortcomings are evident, and there's little anyone can do to change them at this stage in the season.

Still, I found it interesting today when Marinelli said, "Losing is a disease." In fact, it's something that's afflicted this organization for a long time, so much so that players seem to expect defeat when things get close. Not consciously, of course, but there's a reason the Lions seem to give up more big plays on defense and have less success on offense than their NFL peers. They've got a lead on Minnesota? Pass-interference penalty to set up the game-winning field goal. They need a stop against Washington? Cory Redding tries to pick up a fumble, can't, and the Redskins tack on the game-clinching field goal. You can change team names (Green Bay) and insert different players (Paris Lenon) but the results remain the same.

Marinelli was asked Monday if he has the antidote to cure the disease, and he said the answer lies in "fundamentals (and) execution." Throw in talent and I'll agree. The Lions are woefully lacking in all three areas right now. That's why they're 0-7.

The other news that will get some play on the airwaves today and in tomorrow's papers is Marinelli's support of Dan Orlovsky as quarterback. Obviously, plenty of people are clamoring for Drew Stanton to get his shot under center. Asked Monday if the only way Stanton will play this year is through injury or if he wins the job in practice, Marinelli said, "Right. Yeah, that's always how I've tried to do it."

That doesn't mean what some people will have you believe, that Stanton won't play this year. Unless the Lions go on a serious winning streak, he will. The organization has to see what it's got in last year's second-round pick.

But Orlovsky has kept the Lions afloat in his three games as starter (no turnovers) and he deserves to remain there for the time being. Wins have to come at some point, but the Lions need to see what they have in Orlovsky, a free-agent-to-be, too. He could lose his job for any number of reasons, but there's no reason for Marinelli to publicly set a standard of play Orlovsky must maintain in the final days of October.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's a song called 'the disease and the cure' by kutless that everyone should check out. that's what i thought of when i saw fudd's comments about losing being a disease.

i agree that orlo should stay under center for the time being as well. he's got more mobility than i thought he did and can make plays with his feet as well as his arm. only bench him in favor of stanton if he starts playing like shitna.

give orlo at least 2 more games and then if they haven't won one, play stanton.

go lions.

5:02 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, my immediate association with the "Losing is a disease" comment was from "The Natural" where the carny hypnotist talks to the team on multiple occasions and Roy Hobbs eventually rolls his eyes and walks out.

I think Orlovsky should be the starter for two more games: Chicago and Jacksonville. Stanton should get a shot after that.

If not, then the only practical time to start Stanton would be after the Thanksgiving Day game, which would give Orlo another 4 games to show his wares.

Frankly, Orlo hasn't played that badly and, in reality, about what you'd expect from a new QB with virtually no prior NFL experience. The real key is whether he improves with more playing time.

5:42 PM 

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