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Detroit Lions Martin Mayhew on Reiff, Ihedigbo, Rodney Austin and more

Here are the highlights from Friday morning’s pre-draft press conference by general manager Martin Mayhew:

— Lions will pick up the fifth-year option on left tackle Riley Reiff. The paperwork is being done now. The deadline for the decision is May 3. Mayhew said he’s comfortable with Reiff at left tackle or at right tackle.

— Mayhew does not seem too upset about the absence of safety James Ihedigbo from this first week of voluntary offseason work. Mayhew said he understands because there were times in his NFL playing career he felt he was underpaid. He would not say if they will re-work deal for Ihedigbo but he did say he was looking forward to talking to him. He mentioned that one player missed last year’s voluntary workouts and he wasn’t upset about that either. He failed to mention that guy’s name. It was Ndamukong Suh who reported to the Dolphins this week for voluntary workouts.

— Mayhew sat down and talked with G/C Rodney Austin following his domestic violence charges from last week. He decided to release him now, but didn’t close door on bringing him back. Will wait until legal issues are sorted out.

— Both sides are interested in extending contract of DT Haloti Ngata, but talks have not started yet.

— An offer was made to left guard Rob Sims three weeks ago and Mayhew is waiting for response. Not sure if Sims will return.

— Lions draft board is 95 percent done with draft six days away.

— DeAndre Levy’s wing-walking didn’t surprise him, but he’d prefer his players keep their feet on the ground and stay safe. That includes Matthew Stafford who sky-dived on his recent honeymoon in New Zealand.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is Mayhew flapped his gums a lot about a few things, but is basically clueless on them all. Matt Millen, Marinelli, Mariucci, Marty Mornhinweg, and now Martin Mayhew. How long will it take before the Lions realize this M thing isn't working out?

1:37 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The team won 11 games, and made the playoffs last year, and your acting like their coming off a 4-12 season.

I get the general frustration of being a Lions fan. Trust me, I know too well how that feels, but some Lions fans don't seem to be happy unless their complaining about something.

10:43 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eleven wins and a first round playoff loss carries no more weight than 4-12, except a tougher schedule and lower draft picks the following year. Face it. Despite all the hype every year. the Lions haven't won doodly squat since a guy named Eisenhower was President -- long before Super Bowls even started. Millions have spent billions watching a clown show ever since. P.T. Barnum was right. There's one born every minute.

12:05 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That playoff game against Dallas was great! Of course the final result wasn't but it was a so much fun to watch. I had trouble sitting still the whole time. You can't compare that to a 4-12 season. Superbowls would be so awesome but making the playoffs is a great achievement. I am looking forward to a great Draft and an amazing 2015 season. Go Lions!!

4:52 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And somewhere Phineas Taylor Barnum chuckles.

8:33 PM 

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