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Detroit Lions: Glover Quin sees hot start to 2015 season

When Glover Quin was asked about the Lions  2015 schedule which was released Tuesday night, the first thing he said was that he was not going to go game by game through the 16-game schedule for the media.

Fine. Then without much prompting — the safety loves to talk — he went through the first half of the schedule.

Quin sees the Lions at 7-1 heading into the bye week.

That’s almost hard to believe because the schedule is not easy, but Quin has his reasons and he explained them in full detail.

“When I go through the schedule I say, ‘OK I try to be as realistic about the NFL as possible,’’ Quin said on Wednesday. “Granted I know any team can beat you on any given day. But at this point in time you get to look at the schedule and have fun. I’m going to assume everybody is playing their best game. … So based on them playing their best and us playing our best we should beat this team. That’s how I look at it.’’

Ready? Here we go.

“We open with San Diego, so I  said, ‘OK it’s a road game for us all the way across the country.’ But I felt like if San Diego plays their best game and we play our best game I feel like the Detroit Lions we should beat San Diego. So iI gave us 1-0.

“We go to Minnesota that’s a division game we have to win that one. I feel we can go on the road and we will beat the Minnesota Vikings. That gives us 2-0.

“Then we come home prime-time Sunday night (Sept. 27) with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Yeh, they’re a good team, playoff team, great quarterback, great weapons, great defense,’’ Quin said. “But that’s going to be our home opener. Our fans are going to rowdy. It’s going to be Sunday night, it’s going to be prime time, we’re going to have some good momentum, we’re going to be 2-0 coming back home. I just feel like we can beat Denver at home on Sunday night. That gives us 3-0.’’

Then he backs off a bit.

“That sets up for a perfect trip to Seattle and you’ll have to see how that one plays out,’’ Quinn said. He got a roar of laughter from the media on that one.

“I’m not going to say we’re going to go 4-0. I’m not going to say we’re going to lose. I look at Seattle playing in Seattle and I look at us as Detroit Lions. If they’re playing their best and we’re playing our best, it’s going to come down to one or two big plays in the game. Whoever makes those plays is who’s going to win. That’s how I look at it.

“Obviously if we go up there and don’t play a good game then they’ll probably blow us out. If we go up there and they don’t play a good game we’ll probably blow them out. But if they play a good game and we play our good game it could come down to like the great game in the NFC championship (Packers lost to Seahawks) it could come down to one or two plays. If we make them we can get a win.’’

Give Quin some credit, he had thought this one through.

“When I do my schedule those are the games that I just say we lose. So I give us 3-1 granted we could beat Seattle and lose in Minnesota whatever. I give us 3-1 coming out of the first quarter,’’ said Quin who thinks the defense will be elite once again this season.

“I’m not going to go through the whole schedule,’’ he said again and then — without prompting — he went through another four games.

“I think it’s a tough schedule if you just look at the schedule. I think it’s a tough schedule but I think it’s favorable for us, the matchups the teams that we play,’’ Quin said. “The last two seasons we’ve had to go to Arizona and we played them tough in Arizona (and lost both). So this year Arizona has to come to us (Oct. 11), so we owe Arizona. We should take that one. Then I think we’ve got Chicago. it’s a division game we’ve got to win our division games, we’ve got to beat Chicago.
“After that we’ve got Minnesota again, that’s a chance to sweep Minnesota early in the year. And that’s another division game and it’s a home game for us so we have to beat Minnesota. So that’s 6-1,’’ Quin added.

The Lions wrap up the first half of the season with a trip to London for the second straight year. They rallied and beat the Falcons at Wembley Stadium last year so they have fond memories and know what to expect.

“You never know how that plays out. It’s a neutral field, Kansas City  is a great team, great running back, you just never know. I would say we could go to London and beat Kansas City. That puts us at 7-1 at the bye.’’

Now they just have to play the games.

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I tend to agree with Glover, 7-1 it is.

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