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Detroit Lions — Nate Burleson speaks to Dominic Raiola

Today on the NFL Network’s “The Aftermath” former Lions wide receiver and current network analyst Nate Burleson shared his thoughts on Dominic Raiola and Sunday’s incident in the win at the Chicago Bears.

Burleson said : “I talked to him on the phone a couple of hours ago and initially he was telling me that it wasn’t intentional as it seems. He said he reached out to him after the game, he apologized and as I was speaking to him he was choked up. He was close to tears. He said this is the one game that I get to go to Green Bay and do something I’ve never done in my career in Detroit. It was a tough conversation for me to have because I played with him for four years and I know how passionate he is. Sometimes people see something visually and they jump to conclusions or they make an assessment. I played with Dom. I love Dom. He’s a really good dude. I can’t break down the film. I’ll let the NFL do what they do.”

Raiola, who turns 36 on Dec. 30, has played 14 seasons with the Detroit Lions and never beat the Packers in Wisconsin.

Initial reports say he’ll be suspended for one game, but nothing is official yet.


Anonymous Megatronic said...

Notice he's not chocked up because his true colors were finally given national attention; but instead because he won't play Sunday. What a piece of work. As a proud life long lions fan I hope the lions get a rid of him asap. No room for that kind of toxic personality in the new Caldwell era.

10:06 PM 

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