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UPDATED — Detroit Lions: Offensive playbook simplified against Patriots

ALLEN PARK — The Lions will reduce the number of offensive plays in the game plan by about 20 percent on Sunday when they play the Patriots at New England. 

The hope is that it will allow them to play faster, according to offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi. 

“It will simplify it for us. We won’t be thinking as much because we’ll have less plays and will be able to play fast,’’ running back Reggie Bush said.

— Bush said he expects to play on Sunday. The running back has missed three of the last five games with an ankle injury. He practiced again today (Thursday).

— Joique Bell (ankle) did not practice on Wednesday, but was practicing on Thursday. Before practice coach Jim Caldwell said he’s heading in the right direction and wouldn’t speculate whether he’ll be ready to play.

— Defensive end Jason Jones did not practice on Wednesday and Thursday due to a family matter, according to Caldwell. He did not know when Jones will return and is not sure if he’ll be back by Sunday.

— Calvin Johnson was back at practice after sitting out on Wednesday. He also was out last week on Wednesday but played on Sunday.

— Right guard Larry Warford and defensive tackle Nick Fairley remain out with knee injuries.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatever works to get the offense finally going, i could only imagine how many plays there are if they cut 20

3:18 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lombardi better INSTALL Wide Receiver Screens, and how about some counter and trap running plays?? MISDIRECTION = DECEPTION. If a play FOOLS half the Defense, now it is 11 vs. 6 or 7. The running plays to date have been PREDICTABLE to a Fault. And have gone nowhere, to say the least.

3:24 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because the offensive plays that we're being called were so complicated. Lol Joe lombardi is a joke. He has no clue what he is doing and is killing a franchise single handed. The lions already have a simple Playbook he calls the same plays every week. This mother fucker needs to be fired. Last year we had a top 6 offense in the league, and this year we have better personnel than we did last year, but we also have a new offensive coordinator. Fire fuckin Joe Lombardi!!

4:22 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey how about we install a hurry up offense. Just try it out for one quarter... for the love of God. Our offense has looked pathetic all season. That is until we are down 2 scores in the 4th quarter and we go into HURRY UP OFFENSE. Suddenly Stafford becomes the QB we know he is, and the offense clicks. We need something out of the norm to have a chance in Foxborough. Obviously the new OC just isn't working out. For the last several years we've had one of the scariest offenses in the league... We added the best offensive weapon in all of free agency to our already lethal offense and drafted a big, fast, TE and we regressed!? What else could be the problem!? He is way too predictable. The run plays are awful. We don't mix it up well. We aren't getting any role players involved. We still have time to get it together before making a playoff push! Try something new!!!! And why not try it in a game that most of us recorded as a loss when looking at the schedule when it first came out. We have the right defense to beat Brady! But we need to put serious points on the board. 3 Prater shanks and a late TD in the 4th won't cut it.

12:52 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cant necessarily just throw in the hurry up offense. Half our offense is hurt, which means we would put unneeded pressure on them. And half our offense has been out of practice, or been limited. That means some are a little out of shape compared to normal midseason shape. Both are huge factors on why it wouldnt be a good idea.

11:31 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easy have them run plays they know that work. He needs to learn them
There proven he's not
Megaton pro bowl the best no easy passes
Stafford 20000 yards dan marino récords
Golden Boy tate best 6 man ever
never drops a pass and can make 11 guys miss
Mr Bush still fast as ever
Broyles not injured a position receiver no crossing routes
Fuller no deep passes
Wake up Lombardi your grandfather made a name for family get creative this if the NFL
Not For Long league

4:12 PM 

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