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Detroit Lions — Three questions about Ryan Broyles

Ryan Broyles has never been able to make the contributions the Detroit Lions envisioned when they drafted the wide receiver thanks to two season-ending injuries.

Here are three questions about Broyles prior to the start of training camp:

1. Is he back to his old self? Broyles tore his Achille’s tendon last November and had it surgically repaired. He was under no physical restrictions at minicamp. He looked fine, but said he’s still working on his speed.

2. Will he fit in the new offense? He should slide right in as a slot receiver if he’s up to speed.

3. Can he stay healthy? This guy has had no luck at all. He was coming off ACL surgery from college, then in first season tore his other ACL, then the Achille’s. Amazingly he still keeps a smile on his face. Teammates say he’s always in the workout room and he looks like he’s in great shape. He deserves a break.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't hate Ryan Broyles, but I do hate the negative impact he has on the roster. It's painfully obvious the guy is going to need to be replaced by midseason due to injury or ineffectiveness. The Lions (and by Lions I mean Mayhew) have gambled on Broyles' healthy time and again and he has always failed the team. These aren't minor injuries from which he's attempting to return. Unless you're Adrian Peterson, ACL's usually take 2 years from which to fully recover. Broyles has sustained ACL injuries to both legs over the past 3 seasons. If those were his only injuries, we shouldn't expect him to return at full strength until 2015. Add to that an Achilles tear, an injury that has ended the careers of skill players alone because of how it impairs the ability to cut and plant and I am not buying Broyles and his alleged recovery. Mayhew has a vested interested in Fairley, Broyles and Leshoure because he drafted them in the 1st or 2nd rounds respectively. Should they not pan out as hoped, he looks buffoonish as a talent evaluator. Politics, not recovery is fueling the hype behind Broyles. It's almost a medical impossibility to expect Broyles to be anywhere near the player the team hoped they drafted. Broyles has an illustrious 30 receptions in his 2 year career. I doubt he catches another 30 passes before Mayhew has to finally admit he made a mistake and Broyles should be cut or forced into retirement.

1:39 PM 
Anonymous Fabbe said...

I see your point. But there is still a problem. Ogletree and Durham have not yet proven to be good enough to play opposite Calvin. Tate will probably fill that spot. So we still need a slot reciever. Ross will need most of his focus as a returner. Even with limited speed broyles may be the best option for us in the slot. Unless one of our other recievers steps up, Broyles should be on the roster.

3:51 PM 
Anonymous Slydoggie98 said...

Yeap, he's through. Injured his first two years, he's brittle.... that Matt Stafford will never make it through a whole season!

12:39 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slydoggie, name a single skill player (WR, HB TE) who sustained 2 ACL injuries and an achilles tear yet came back to be a productive player. Suggestion Stafford was similarly injured shows you know nothing of the distinction between the physical demands of a quarterback and those of a skill player. Here's a hint, try google or cbs sports. Please don't just have an opinion have an informed one or keep it to yourself.

4:12 PM 
Blogger mrmacflyhimself said...

Gotta agree with ^^^^^ this guy..

10:56 PM 

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