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Detroit Lions - Jim Caldwell's 3 different approaches at practice

Coach Jim Caldwell has brought a new attitude to the Detroit Lions since he was hired in January.

Here are three differences apparent at practices.

1. Caldwell is not a yeller. The offense and defense are learning new schemes so practices — especially the early ones — were not always smooth. He maintains his calm demeanor. His theory is players eventually tune out a coach that consistently yells. If he changes his delivery, they know he means business.

2. When a player makes a mistake, the play is not repeated. They move on to the next step. The player is held accountable just like they will be after games. He’s expected to learn from the mistake and not repeat it. Caldwell said the number of mistakes has gone down as the offseason wore on which is what he expected.

3. He’s brought in “ladder cam.” A rolling ladder of sorts is set up behind the quarterbacks and the videographer on it follows just the quarterback from an overhead view. It’s a method used to correct any mechanical errors and on film they can see exactly what the quarterback sees from the defense. It’s not a new phenomena (Caldwell has used it since 1982), but it’s new to these Lions.

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