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Detroit Lions' Ndamukong Suh displays no signs of leadership

With Kyle Vanden Bosch gone, the Lions have lost a big-time leader on the defensive line. If they re-sign Corey Williams, they’ll have some stability as far as veteran leadership, but young players must step up too.

That brings us to Ndamukong Suh who has displayed no visible signs on leadership in his three seasons in Detroit.

Terry Foster of 97.1 The Ticket asked a great question on Facebook on Thursday: “Could you see Ndamukong Suh becoming a leader on the Detroit Lions?”

The comments were overwhelmingly negative. Most fans see Suh as a me-first player. Several bashed him for appearing on the reality diving show, “Splash.”

Suh could change, but he’s shown no signs of leadership  yet.

During the season every day before practice the team stretches then does skipping and jogging drills up and down the field. Suh always brings up the rear. Vanden Bosch was always in the lead. Small thing. Significant? Maybe.

It’s a shame that an NFL first-round pick — second overall — has displayed no leadership qualities in his first three seasons.

It’s part of being a professional. Some leaders are quiet and lead by example, others are loud (Louis Delmas comes to mind). 

Matthew Stafford was a leader from the get-go. He has owned it more and more, but teammates could see it in the huddle even when he was a rookie.

What do you think? Do you see Suh as a leader? If not, do you think it’s an issue?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course he's a leader. Being voted the dirtiest player in the league two years in a row by his fellow players shows commitment.

4:51 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a joke. The golden boy is far from being a leader. Shaun Hill is more of a leader than Stafford.

4:22 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with both the above commenters. Suh's a cancer waiting to spread and Stafford is vastly over rated. Maybe Paula has been covering the Lions for too long and can't see straight any more. Maybe it's time for the Oakland Press to rotate their beat writers for a fresh look.

2:50 AM 

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