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Five best offseason moves by Detroit Lions so far

Possibly the Detroit Lions’ next five offseason moves will have the most impact on the 2013 season — which players they re-sign, which free agents they lure to Detroit and who they draft. 

 But it’s not like they’ve been sitting on their hands at the Lions practice facility since Jan. 1.

 Here are the five biggest moves the Lions have made so far in this offseason:

1. They released Titus Young. He had become a cancer. While it’s nice for teams to help out young players, there’s nothing more they could do for the troubled wide receiver.

2. Brian Xanders, who brings tons of NFL experience at the young age of 41, was hired as a senior personnel executive. He’ll be heavily involved in personnel decisions and will also get the Lions up to date on the latest technology developing a new proprietary scouting database. 

3. Jim Washburn, most recently the defensive line coach of the Eagles, has been hired to help coach defense. He’s title is non-specific, but his years of experience (he’s 63) should be nothing but beneficial to defensive line coach Kris Kocurek and defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham. Washburn’s son Jeremiah has been promoted to offensive line coach.

4. One of the toughest decisions was to release Kyle Vanden Bosch. A defensive leader and driven defensive end, he is past his prime. It was the right decision.

5. Letting right guard Stephen Peterman go was the start to a revamping of the offensive line which has played together for three seasons. Again, tough move but the right decision.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So let's see. The Lions...
1)Got rid of a head case in Young.
2)Hired a computer geek in Xanders, and immediately made him a senior executive.
3)Also hired an aging defensive coach in Washburn, but don't know what his job will be.
4)Got rid Vanden Bosch, the guy that set the ultimate standard in worth ethic.
5)And finally figured out Stephen Peterman was the worst guard in the league.
This is progess?
Only the Lions

8:58 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go troll somewhere else. Work ethic can only get you so far before you just don't produce anymore. And it would have been insulting to ask him to take the paycut he deserves.

Second, what the heck do you expect them to have done by March 1st? Free agency hasn't even started yet. Xander's has a great résumé of drafting well in Denver and that's clearly an area we need to improve on. And so what if peterman has been terrible, we finally cut him, that's like hating on a heavy person at the gym because they're heavy, even if it took longer than it should've they're finally making corrections.

Seriously, fans like you are so hard to please.

1:13 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only trolls are the Lions. Fifty years worth of history backs that up. I don't know what people that continue to believe in them are, but at the very least, not too bright. There is no hatred involved whatsoever. I was a long time fan, but finally came to my senses and realized the futility of getting my hopes up, much less spending hard earned money on them. I neither like them nor dislike them, but merely see them for what they are, have been, and in all likelihood will be many years into the future. They are nowhere near Super Bowl caliber, nor were they 2 years ago when so many jumped on the fantasy bandwagon, including yourself, Paula. Your job is not to please people such as myself, but rather to be objective in your coverage of the Lions. Constantly painting a rosy picture of an obviously bad team only hurts true fans in the long run.

4:19 AM 

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