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Detroit Lions' 4-12 season won't change Martin Mayhew's draft philosophy

 The 4-12 Lions season will cause many changes in the roster, a few among position coaches and a deep soul searching.

 One thing it will not change is general manager Martin Mayhew’s draft philosophy.

 The Lions own the fifth overall pick in the draft which runs April 25-27. Its their third top five pick in five years.

 “I think you’ve got to have some things that you believe in, our drafts were what allowed us to go from two wins to six wins to 10 wins, that’s the reality of it,’’ Mayhew said. “And I believe in the way that we’re doing it, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a bunch of teams that say we draft for need, to find a bunch of GMs that say, ‘That’s what I do, I just take whatever I need.’’’

 He said he’s looking for players for the long haul, not just for the first game of the season.

“I think it’s short-sighted when you start saying, ‘We don’t have any of whatever position — I have to draft one of those in the first round because we don’t have one.’ 

“Your draft is supposed to build your team for the future, in my opinion, and you’re getting your team ready for every season to come,’’ Mayhew said. “So I think you have to take the best players you can find.’’

 In other words he won’t reach for players. He also will be sensible.

 “Obviously we wouldn’t take a quarterback in the first round,’’ Mayhew said.

 They did that in 2009, taking Matthew Stafford with the first overall pick and it’s worked out quite well.

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Blogger Karl Vaisanen said...

Throw the Lions out of the NFL.

11:41 AM 
Blogger BryanAnthony82 said...

And this is why he is not a good GM!!! His draft policies are rediculous building for the future has worked really well so far huh 4-12 cause we have no depth at positions needed to be successful!!! What a boner!!! You see teams like New England and Dallas move up to take a player that would make a direct impact on the field the year they were drafted not hoping they will pan out in 2-3 seasons!!! Direct example Dallas moved up to take Claborne and New England moved to take Hightower thats making moves to improve your team instantly not waiting for them to "hopefully" pan out! This is why our team will be 6-10 next season because or GM doesn't know what the hell he is doing!!!

12:05 PM 
Anonymous ST said...

If he drafts anything but a LB, DB, or a DE in the 1st round, he should be fired on the spot. This franchise is not in a position to draft for 3-4 yrs down the line, they need guys who can contribute right away. This dude is working on his 4th draft, and I have yet to see his late round (any of them!!) picks perform any better than Millen's did during his disastrous tenure.

1:50 PM 
Blogger Unknown said...

One thing Mayhew has never done is to trade down! If our guy isn't there in the top 5 then the next best thing is to hope that we can trade our 5th pick and get 2 or even 3 picks for it. Do what the Rams did last year. We have a lot of positions that need to be filled. Enough with the WR's for now. OUr offense is fine. We score enough - just need the Defense to stop the other guys from scoring more!

4:36 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karl you are about as fucking stupid as Mayhew's draft philosophy. I swear to god if he don't draft a corner I'm going to blow a damn gasket!

8:54 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martin Mayhew is dumb as fuck!! I put that on everybody I love!! U draft players u need that will be productive and can become future stars or role players that you can count on to win games.. This is ridiculous!! The Lions need a db or safety in the first round or Mante Tao for a middle linebacker.. Release Kyle Vanden Boch and let Cliff Advil go. Then franchise Louis Delmas to see if he can stay healthy and with him there's no hope in the secondary period!! In their draft they need to draft Manti Tao', cornerback, safety, offence of lineman, 2 running backs, and a kick and punt returner in a late round. Now that's a good draft.. If Mayhew can get guys that people haven't heard of or from schools that are small and guys that are hungry to make a name for themselves the Lions could go 11-5 with Shwartz being accountable of the them and get a side receiver in the free agent market if they do that things will get better but its the Lions its NOT GOING TO HAPPEN LOL

10:56 PM 
Anonymous Unfortunate Lions Fan said...

Mini Millen should have been fired as soon as the season was finished. 4-12 is unacceptable for a team that finished 10-6 last yr. He did absolutely nothing in the 2012 draft, a tackle that only started 1 gm only due to injury, a wr coming off an acl tear who guess what tore his other acl and a bunch of non producing CBs & LBs one of which was traded up for our 4th Rder this yr. How can we forget all the wasted previous 2nd rd picks he absolutely bomb on. This guy is a clown and the Fords are even bigger jokes for letting this guy take them for a ride. Until Mini Millen is fired probably 5 yrs from now and the organization is back at square one, I will root for them to lose yr in and yr out.

11:16 PM 
Blogger dan onti said...

ford cares about money, bottom line,and fools give him theirs every season. STOP THE MADNESS>

8:21 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You all are dumb as hell did we all forget how bad this team was lions had one of hardest schedules fought some teams hard MS got picked off a lot... he's had the right mind thought if it weren't for T-young being a bitch and Ryan B getting hurt no one would saying shit about he doesn't draft well I remember ppl didn't want young but we got him he did good his freshman yr and you all changed your mind stop being such bag wagon fan GO Lions!! oo and drafted a o-lineman which was a need with the age of the line and its looking good on that pick as well

9:19 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course Mayhew is the clueless mini-Millen, but would any sane person expect better from Ford after all these years? Here's a different idea. Paula needs to go on a new beat. She's been kool-aided and doesn't see straight any more.

2:47 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to that.

3:36 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This trail of comments kills me! If you actually read it from top to bottom it is pathetic. Based on above comments we need a LB, DB, DE, CB, Safety and so on. Guess what, Mayhew is right when he says continue to build for the future. This team was not ready because there is still far too many positions that need to be filled with quality players. That does not happen overnight. Stop and look at the talent that has been secured over the past four years. This will be a championship team someday soon! Parting comment; a team is not built around the draft, it is only part of the overall strategy of putting together a winner

11:26 AM 

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