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Detroit Lions accept invite to coach at Senior Bowl

It’s a good news, bad news situation. The Detroit Lions have accepted an invitation to coach the Senior Bowl on Jan. 26 in Mobile, Ala., according to the team web site.

Had the Lions had a better season instead 4-12, they wouldn’t have been asked.

They’ve coached the Senior Bowl before and found it worthwhile.

“I think there is some insight involved in getting to know those guys over a course of the week and it can confirm some of our scouts’ evaluations that have already worked very long and hard into getting guys evaluated this fall season and it can also maybe give us a different perspective on some other guys,’’ coach Jim Schwartz said on Monday about the possibility of coaching in the Senior Bowl.

  It’s not the game that is key, it’s getting to know the senior players during the week or practice. 

 “One of the guys that came out of that a few years ago for us was Joique Bell. He was a local guy and we knew him enough from here and worked him out and all those different things because he was a local kid, but we also had him for a whole week down there. 

“And even though he started his career in Buffalo and then he was with New Orleans, he was a guy we always sort of had in the back of our minds and our experience with him that week helped get him here,’’ Schwartz said.

“He knew our coaching staff and we knew a little bit about him, not just what we saw on film as an NFL player. He was able to go and it appears as though he was able to get his NFL career starter this year and was a contributor on offense and I think we’re only seeing the beginning of Joique Bell also,'' Schwartz added.

That’s why Schwartz and staff accepted the invitation. They’re looking for the next guy like Joique Bell.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stay away from the Titus Youngs of the

6:01 AM 
Anonymous ST said...

The fact that they fired the W.R. coach, then publicly stated that Young has a shot to get back on the roster just indicates how much this front-office and H.C. have lost this team. Maybe this years crash will knock that smug look off all of their faces.

8:43 AM 
Anonymous will coach for food said...

They can't coach anywhere else....

8:24 AM 

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