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NFC North: Packers expose Bears' flaws

ALLEN PARK — Think way back to a few weeks ago before the NFL season started.

Many folks out there — some credentialed, some not — were picking the Bears to finish second in the NFC North behind the Packers, with the Lions in third place.

Did Thursday night’s Packers 23-10 win over the Bears change anyone’s minds?

It could still happen, it’s early. But the Bears looked pretty horrid in the loss at Lambeau. My thought watching the first half was this: “For the love of God, when are the Bears going to sign a legit left tackle?” Jay Cutler has been getting beat up for years. Not that he’s perfect but give the guy a chance. He’s way too emotional on the sidelines. Certainly you want a quarterback with fire in his belly, but not one that yells at teammates on the field and on the sidelines in clear view of everyone.

The Packers (1-1), coming off a home loss to the 49ers, have some work to do on offense, but their defense was dominant.

Sunday’s game at the 49ers could tell us much more about the Lions. I hate the term “measuring stick game” but that kind of fits this week.

By the way, I picked the Lions second in the NFC North behind the Packers and in front of the Bears. I’m still comfortable with that prediction.

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