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Raiola downfield on TD, but he says it best

ALLEN PARK — Did Lions center Dominic Raiola get away with being downfield when Kevin Smith caught the game-winning touchdown on Sunday?

Offensive linemen are not allowed to be more than one yard downfield before quarterback releases the ball. Raiola was about half a yard past that range.

“I would say I farted in public. I’d like to call it that — farted in a restaurant, popping a pimple, if you will,’’ Raiola said Wednesday.

Here’s what happened from Raiola’s perspective:

“I pulled around and I felt Kevin (Smith) push me a little bit. I was trying to inch my way back, I saw him catch the touchdown.

“I didn’t really celebrate right away. I looked at one sideline, I looked to that sideline, I cleared the flags, both refs were in the end zone. It was close.

“I think Mike Pereira (former NFL vice president of officiating) said it would have been ticky-tac if they called it. I wasn’t trying, I just hovered around the line, him trying to get out kind of pushed me forward a little bit. I didn’t want to (raise my hands) like I didn’t do it. I was trying to nudge my way back.’’

The five-yard pass to Kevin Smith put the Lions up 27-23 with just 10 seconds remaining.

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