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The three Lions who roar the loudest

So who are the Lions that roar the loudest? Here are the three biggest mouths on the team.

1. Louis Delmas. It’s not even close here. He’s the top dog. If you don’t see Delmas, you just have to listen for him. If you don’t hear him, he’s not likely around. This goes for on the field where his mouth is invaluable and in the locker room where it can sometimes be a little crazy but mostly in a good way. Oh, but when he’s injured he has nothing to say.

2. Willie Young is proving to be quite the loudmouth on the field. Nothing wrong with that, it fits his personality.

3. Nate Burleson comes in a distant third. He’s more reserved than the first two, but he also has plenty to say and isn’t shy about it.

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