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3 reasons consistency has been key to Lions' success

It’s gotten to be kind of boring to hear it, but consistency has been key to the Lions’ turn-around so far. From 0-16 to the playoffs in three years is an impressive feat. Here are three reasons why consistency is key.

1. With coach Jim Schwartz, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan and defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham all on the same page, it’s made life much easier for the veteran players. They know the offense or defense, heck they learned it three years ago. They have not had to reinvent the wheel each training camp. When they start camp, all the installation has been done. They can concentrate on execution and competition.

2. General manager Martin Mayhew and team president Tom Lewand work closely with Schwartz and the coordinators. They find the players that will fit the system. There is no mystery, the systems are in place.

3. This is a team that was mired in the depths of despair for so long. While Matt Millen was a constant for eight years, the coaches changed regularly. There was never a sense of direction from the top down. Now there is.

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