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Cowboys Stadium gives the Lions a big stage

It’s been just 10 months since the Lions got their first look at the sparkling and glittery Cowboys Stadium.

So it seems to be a consensus that their second trip back on Sunday, they will feel a little more comfortable.

It will be the third trip there for wide receiver Nate Burleson. He can’t wait.

“The first time I was blown away by what was going on. It took me about a quarter to really get a hold of myself — you’ve got dancers, you’ve got cheerleaders, you’ve got the go-go girls up top, it’s like a party every minute of the game,’’ Burleson said. “You have to separate yourself from that and focus on what’s at hand, that’s going to work. ... It’s going to be funny watching the young guys, if you’re not ready for it that place will overtake you quickly.’’

Burleson, a showman of sorts, loves the fact that the Lions will be on the big stage in Dallas. They’ll be featured as the top game on Fox, so it will air across much of the country. Now more NFL fans will get a look at the upstart 3-0 Lions.

“I’m excited because I know a lot of people will be watching. To be honest Jerry Jones did a great job. The glitz and glamor of that place makes it more than just a football game. If you embrace the experience and know you might not be able to play in that kind of atmosphere again you’ll elevate your game. I think most of the guys in this locker room will do that on Sunday,’’ Burleson said.

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