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5 things we learned from Lions' 26-23 OT win over Vikings

MINNEAPOLIS — Five things learned from the Lions’ 26-23 comeback overtime win over the Vikings on Sunday.

1. Trust doesn’t win football games, but it helps. The Lions proved that they belief in themselves and their teammates. Down 20-0 at the half? Stay the course, stick with your bread and butter. Don’t give up. Trust. It’s a good thing when you have it. And the Lions do.

2. Matthew Stafford is no china doll. The young quarterback was sacked five times (he hadn’t been sacked at all in first two games) and got up ticking. In fact he played his best in the second half and overtime. Afterward he said he was “unbelievably unsore” well that might change on Monday. But he’s 23, he’ll heal quickly.

3. Calvin Johnson is amazing. We knew it and he proved it again on Sunday. We’re running out of adjectives. But there is no doubt he’s the Real Deal.

4. The Lions defense can take care of business as long as they don’t try to do too much. DeAndre Levy said they were so focused on Adrian Peterson in the first half, they sometimes did too much -- didn’t stay in their own gaps, tried to help when help wasn’t needed. Once they figured out they just needed to play their game, they were fine. Peterson had five carries for five yards in the second half.

5. Jim Schwartz and the coaching staff understand their players. While you might imagine that Schwartz went into half-time screaming and yelling about being down 20-0, it wasn’t like that at all. Several players agreed it was just going about their business — much different than the recent past. No panic. That made it easy for them to take the field in the third quarter and take care of business.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will you stop with the 5 things already? That theme is really getting old. At least you don't make up your own "compelling" questions anymore, but come on. No matter how good the book or movie is, nobody wants to see or read it over and over again.

12:58 AM 
Anonymous ST said...

Maybe you should just stop with all of your negative comments, because that’s what’s getting old.

8:34 AM 
Blogger cgrant34 said...

That person is anonymous for a reason...

1:48 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't have a google account or anything else, so i have to send this anonymous. i agree with the first commenter. the same old thing is getting old. unlike the other people that hide behind screen names, my name is patti clarke and i live in pontiac.

2:01 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be too hard on PP. She's doing the best she can. Her picture reminds me of Chaz Bono though.

2:28 AM 

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