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It's fifth- and seventh-round picks today for Lions; other notes

ALLEN PARK — It’s a light agenda on the final day of the NFL draft for the Detroit Lions. After trading a third- and fourth-round pick to add another second-round pick on Friday night, today they have just a fifth-rounder (157) and seventh-rounder (209).

Of course if there’s someone they like they could try to make a deal, but they don’t have too much to work with and I’d be a little surprised if they’d trade 2012 picks. Remember because of the labor situation in this draft they can only trade picks.

— I sense lots of hand-wringing over the drafting of WR Titus Young in the second round. Martin Mayhew and Jim Schwartz thought they had enough of a need for a third WR that they went with Young. If you look at which CBs and OLBs were available then you would be underwhelmed. Also my hunch is that fans will love Young. His mom grew up in Detroit so it feels it will be like coming back to his roots. He was emotional, and broke down crying a few times during a conference call after he was selected. Also, he’s funny. And from what Mayhew and Schwartz say he can catch the ball.

— The Lions didn’t draft Nick Fairley 13th overall because he has a good personality, but he does. From the brief time the media spent with him it appeared he will fit right into the defensive line group.

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