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Like it or not, Lions consistent with draft philosophy

ALLEN PARK — The thing about the NFL draft is no one will know whether the Lions — or any team — was successful until a few years out.

While the Lions have glaring holes at cornerback and outside linebacker, in the second round on Friday night they went with WR Titus Young (Boise State) and moved up in the second round to grab RB Mikel Leshoure.

Let the second-guessing begin.

This should not be a surprise to anyone who has listed to general manager Martin Mayhew and coach Jim Schwartz.

“The draft is not the finish line for us as far as our personnel department. We have a lot of work to do, we have a lot of areas we can definitely improve, we’ll continue to work those things,’’ Mayhew said on Friday night.

Look at just which cornerback or outside linebacker was available in the second round and you will not be impressed. The Lions want to get the most for their money so they filled other needs with players who were rated high on their draft board.

“There’s a lot of time between now and the season begins to worry about our needs, let’s worry right now about talent, let’s worry about what works for us, let’s draft to our strengths,’’ Schwartz said.

The Lions have been consistent in this strategy. It’s too early to know if it will be a success. But the past two drafts operated by Mayhew and Schwartz have yielded good results.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lions are consistent all right. With dumb choices and PR only idiots buy into. You need to start being objective, Paula, or else you'll become the Matt Millen of the media.

2:34 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice picks paula. you had about 5 or 6 choices and they were all wrong. maybe the other guys right about you and millen. they could bring back joey harrington and you'd find a way to spin it into something good. your covering the right team.

3:18 AM 

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