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Super Bowl does not disappoint, unless you're one of 400 without a seat

Turns out the Super Bowl was a winner if you consider the game itself. The Packers threatened to blow it open in the first quarter, but the Steelers would not be counted out.

Overall I thought the commercials were just OK. Liked the mini-Darth Vader ad but can’t remember what it was for -- was it Chevrolet?

Like all of Detroit, absolutely loved the Chrysler ad featuring Eminem. What an awesome tribute to Detroit. Hope they sell a ton of cars because of it, but even if they don’t they got across a good message.

Initial TV rating show a 3-percent bump from last year except in Pittsburgh and Green Bay where the ratings were, of course, phenomenal.

Still can’t help thinking about the 400 ticket holders who had to watch the game on TV in the bowels of the stadium because their temporary seats weren’t approved by the fire marshall.

That is totally inexcusable. The NFL has announced those 400 will be invited to next year’s Super Bowl as guests of the NFL. It’s a nice gesture but they wanted to see their teams play in the big game and they couldn’t because someone didn’t do their job.

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