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Barry Sanders Jr. follows in dad's footsteps

Will never forget years ago at a Lions’ practice in the little bubble beside the Silverdome when Barry Sanders ran the ball in for a touchdown.

It was certainly no big deal to anyone in the bubble except for his son who must have been 3 or 4 years old at the time. He was all excited, jumping up and down because his dad had scored. Apparently he didn’t know his dad was a future Hall of Famer.

Years later now it’s that little boy -- Barry Sanders Jr. -- who is making heads turn at Heritage Hall in Oklahoma City, Okla.

Junior is just a junior so the recruiting talk should intensify leading up to next year’s national signing day. Schools in the mix reportedly include UCLA, Alabama and Florida State.

Here’s the thing, he plays the same position as his dad and has some of the same moves. Check out this video on He’s No. 26, but you’ll figure that out. It’s almost uncanny.

The Sanders kid recently talked to ESPN the Magazine about his famous father.

“It’s definitely an advantage in life having his name, but when it comes to advantages in recruiting I don’t think so. What coaches see on film is what they see on film,’’ Sanders Jr. told the magazine. “Dad doesn’t give football advice. He just doesn’t put emphasis on trying to make me a football player. He enjoys watching me, he supports me, but he couldn’t care less if I played or not.”

That sounds exactly like the Barry Sanders we knew.

In fact in an interview on it’s almost scary how much he looks like his dad and even speaks like him.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Paula,
Very cool highlight reel. He really does have his dad's moves - everything but the straightarm to hold off the d-backs.


8:03 PM 

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