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Is there room for common sense in NFL talks?

Surprisingly, don’t hear much concern from Lions fans about a possible NFL lockout. Certainly it remains a strong possibility.

The current collective bargaining agreement expires March 4. If there is no new deal in place the owners have threatened to lock out the players. Negotiations have been limited and, according to some reports, contentious.

The players would be happy to continue with the same terms of the current CBA, but the owners want a bigger piece of the $9 billion a year in revenue.

A lockout could affect thousands, not just the owners and players. If games are missed, it will hurt local economies.

In that light, the Kansas City Star reported that Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser sent a letter to Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt with a suggestion that makes sense.

Part of his letter read: “Accordingly, I call upon the owners to announce to the fans that they will not lock out the players. The players already have pledged to not strike. By making the parallel commitment, the owners would create the breathing room for a deal to be struck. This is common sense if the owners truly want to keep the game going, as Commissioner Goodell has stated.”

Common sense, what a concept.

Stay tuned for updates in the weeks leading up to March 4.

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