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Follett's football future remains uncertain

ALLEN PARK -- Zack Follett’s football future remains uncertain two and a half months since he was carted off the Meadowlands Stadium football field after a helmet-to-helmet hit that caused him to temporarily lose feeling in his arms and legs.

The Lions starting outside linebacker has a bulging disc in his neck.

“When I got hurt (the disc) tapped my spinal cord. They call it cervical tap that’s why I lost feeling, but doing the rehab and correcting posture could help the disc retract,’’ Follett said. “Right now there’s not much room in-between the disc and the spinal cord which is kind of a scary thing.’’

He’s undergoing rehab and hoping for the best.

“I do know football isn’t life but it’s something I’d like to do,’’ said Follett who was in his second season with the Lions.

Follett said it feels better now that he’s not taking any hits, but an MRI in the next few months could be the determining factor about his future.

“I’m staying optimistic, I’ve talked to the coaches they want me back, I want to be back,’’ Follett said. “This team next season feels like it’s going to be a great year so I want to do everything I can.’’

(Follow Follett on Twitter @ZakarianFollett. Follow me @PaulaPasche.)

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